Friday, May 11, 2012

Around the World, on your Couch

1. Read a book. Your library is probably full of books to help you and your kids explore the world. Check the nonfiction section for travel guides, history books, cookbooks, and more. In the fiction section, you can find books about the folklore, history, or other novels set in a different country.

2. Make a craft like a piece of art from a foreign country.

3. Listen to music. Your local library probably has a selection of cd's with music from around the world. Check one out. Dance, sing, and enjoy a new sound. Or, you can check out YouTube. Search for international music for kids, or try your cable company's digital music channels.

4. Hear or read a first-hand account. Do you know someone who has lived in a foreign country? See if they would be willing to tell your children a bit about that country.

5. Learn about the native animals from a given region.

6. Explore the folklore. Read some of the traditional stories of a culture; those that have been passed down year after year after year

7. Experience the food. Take a trip with your taste buds! Trying new foods is a wonderful and fun way to experience another culture.

8. Play a game. Games are universal and your kids can experience a new culture by playing a traditional game.

9. Make and play a traditional instrument. Every culture has music and dance associated with it. Why not learn to play some traditional music from around the world.

10. Celebrate a new holiday or festival. Celebrations are an important part of every culture. Learn about a new culture by celebrating its holidays. 

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