Friday, April 6, 2012

10 Ways to Explore Dramatic Play

1. Act out a book. Pick a familiar story and have kids act it out.

2. Provide a fun pretend play set-up. Think about your child's current interests. Do they love to help you in the kitchen? Then, set up a pretend-play kitchen area. Do they love to play doctor? Then, set up a hospital or a vet clinic.

3. Make puppets. Puppets are both fun to make and fun to play with.

4. Play dress-up. You can find inexpensive items for dress-up at a thrift store or even go through your closet. There may be clothes hanging in there that you no longer wear, but would be perfect for dress-up play. 

5. Combine sensory play and pretend play. Use dirt and construction toys to bring a construction site to life.

6. Have fun with small world play. Help you kids set up a scene for small toys or dolls to play in. They can experience and learn with dramatic play on a small scale. 

7. Use music. Use a song with actions or one that tells a story. Encourage you're children to sing, dance and do actions. Make sure you join in and have fun!

8. Make and use masks. It's easy to pretend you're someone or something else when you put on a mask. 

9. Use blocks and loose parts to set the scene. Will your children build roads or a castle? Either way they're setting up a scene that will provide hours of pretend play.

10. Above all else, make it accessible and easy for your kids to enjoy dramatic play. Put the dress up clothes where your kids can get to them whenever it strikes their fancy. Have a box of loose parts always available so they can create and pretend.

*Bonus Activity: Go outside! It's so easy to grab a stick and turn it into a magic wand. They've traveled to the moon, through a forest, and even to a magical fairy-tale kingdom without even leaving our backyard.

Source: Creative Family Fun

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