Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teaching dramatic play

Child psychologist Jean Piaget said "play is the work of childhood."

To incorporate dramatic play into education, Ideal Curriculum recommends that teachers use some of these simple tools:
  • The teacher can guide children into a dramatic play activities that will help give them practice with vocabulary, language, and concepts they are learning. ("Let's ride on the subway to the museum.")
  • It often works best if the teacher joins in and does the actions etc. with the children.
  • Small items of clothing, a paper badge, or some other item may help focus the imagination needed in the activity.
  • While the teacher may participate, the teacher should not be the focal point nor the one to give all the direction to the activity. This takes practice since you want to keep the activity going, there is a tendency to push too hard. 
  • Often the teacher needs to insert questions to stimulate or guide certain children.. 
  • The activity should be fun and engaging. When fun starts to diminish, it may be time to stop the activity.

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