Friday, November 18, 2011

Incorporating dramatic play into your classroom

"Research clearly supports developmentally appropriate practices in the early childhood classroom, but recent demands by specific programs and curriculum... [finds] teachers find themselves struggling with time and organization restraints where one or two curriculum trends take over the classroom, leaving little time for anything else...The secret to keeping the balance in developmentally appropriate practices involves adjusting our curriculum to new trends and research suggestions without sacrificing the benefits of current practices that have proved beneficial results for young children time and time again," says Tammy Benson, Ed.D. at PBS Teachers.
Here are some ways you can incorporate dramatic play into your classroom using products, such as our occupational finger puppets (shown above), at Dexter Educational Toys:
  • Build around thematic units.
  • Designate a specific play area.
  • Allow adequate time for play experiences.
  • Add items to promote pro-social behaviors and character development.
  • Reinforce physical, cognitive, and social skills appropriate for the grade level.
  • Promote creativity and flexibility of play.
  • Ensure problem-solving is taking place.

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